For the love of wine

Making good wine takes experience, tradition, and passion.

For the love of wine

We’re passionate about finding the best European wines.

That’s why we’re the exclusive importer of the best wines of the Old Continent we find in family vineyards and small winemaker companies across Europe. Our experts care only for the most precious gems of winemaking industry. Their love for wine takes them for never-ending journeys through local cultures and customs in search of the best and most interesting wines.


The wines from our portfolio can be found in the best restaurants and hotels across the country. Now, you can also find them in our store for individual customers. If you’re looking for unique, elegant flavours, you’ve come to the right place.


Sales Representative
Warsaw/North-western Poland
Michał Kotulski
M: +48 517 349 191

Sales Representative
Warsaw/North-eastern Poland
Daniel Karwacki
M: +48 517 349 199

Sales Representative
Cracow/Southern Poland
Aneta Maślanka
M: +48 510 963 045

PR & Marketing Manager
Katarzyna Szczęsna
M: +48 512 192 175

Customer Service Department
Maria Kłoczowska
M: + 48 517 171 753 

Regional Office Manager
Karolina Smoderek
M: 517 349 313

Marcin Wesołowski
M: +48 500 789 637

Our vineyards

We work exclusively with family vineyards with years of experience and tradition passed on across generations. We learn the histories of regions, grapes and people – our wines come directly from the winemakers we have met in person. We know the grapes our wines are made of are grown sustainably and in environmentally friendly ways. This makes for excellent wines, awarded with certificates and accolades all over the world.

Our wines



Our wines are the pride of their regions. The careful selection process and traditional production methods ensure that every last drop of our wines is full of taste, atmosphere and history of their origin. In our search for exquisite flavours, we trust recipes that have been passed on for generations of winemakers, but we’re not afraid to experiment, too: the richness of experiences comes hand in hand with the highest quality.


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